In Bloom Finesse Handpiece Rose Red

In Bloom Finesse Handpiece Rose Red


Product Code: PCDH3

In Bloom Finesse Handpiece Rose Red

Swiss-made motors, strong , stable and durable.

A special transmission design, with professional cartridge needles, to ensure the needles move smoothly , no vibration , ensuring every line slim straight , agile nature. Promote colouring, reducing discomfort.

Adopting special silent material, reducing the noise and vibration.

Beautiful generous appearance comfortable and durable design.

Using disposable cartridge needle , health standard , safety. Built-in hard and fixed slot the needle length is adjustable.

Save's your operation times, reducing the discomfort of the client.

In Bloom Permanent makeup hand piece machine.

Speed: max.10000 RPM

Input: max. 12v

Motor: Swiss made

Body: Aluminum CNC

Needle:In Bloom Cartridge Needles

Include: 1 hand piece, 1 connect cord


a) The machines use cartridge needles, Clean and safe. The needles output size max. to 3-4MM

b) It provides enhanced power and precision for optimum pigment penetration and long lasting results.

c) Swiss motor powerful and smooth, almost no noise.

d) This machine is Micro Mesotherapy with special Meso-Needles.

These hand tools fit the Dermace Bio-Evolution Vena Digital semi permanent makeup machine

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