In Bloom 1 Handpiece Finesse 1000 Machine
In Bloom 1 Handpiece Finesse 1000 Machine

In Bloom 1 Handpiece Finesse 1000 Machine


Product Code: PCD3

In Bloom 1 Hand piece Finesse 1000 Machine

This is a intelligent digital permanent makeup device for professional use. The big LED display has 4 modes eyeliner, lip, brow and medical.

With the In Bloom Finesse 1000 Permanent make up device you will receive the following items with the kit.

1 In Bloom hand piece

1 piece of In Bloom Finesse 1000 Intelligent power control

1 adapter

1 power plug.

1 foot pedal

10 In Bloom cartridge needles

1 Aluminium kit case


Material Aluminium intelligent panel, aluminium hand piece
Mode Eyeliner, lip, brow, medical, meso
Panel type Digital touch screen panel
Panel size 16.5(W) x 20(L) x 2(T) cm
Hand piece Digital hand piece with needle length adjustable&shown
Input 110-240V
Weight 2.5kgs


• High power for cosmetic and medical procedures
• Individual program settings for each area of application
• Can connect with 2 hand pieces at a time
• 4 modes: eyeliner, lip, brow, medical,
• Short heating time
• Minimal trauma to the skin: all needle punctures are consistent
• All skin types can be treated, even thin or pre-lasered skin
• Body produces natural collagen for long-lasting
• No increase in sun sensitivity
• Performed under topical anaesthesia
• Automatic piercing deep under the skin to avoid piercing the skin too deeply
• Environmental, very low noise

Reviewed by Alice Nichols AN79 Colchester

The In Bloom Finesse 1000 offers a variety of preprogrammed settings designed specifically for technicians working with permanent makeup application: eyebrow, eyeliner, lip colour, and medical procedures. These settings allow you to adjust the needle speed and hand-piece power with the touch of one button. I especially like the softness of the machine which makes it less traumatic for scar tissue for camouflage work.

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