Unicare Soft BLUE (Indigo) Nitrile (200) X-SMALL

Unicare Soft BLUE (Indigo) Nitrile (200) X-SMALL

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Product Code: GL9ES

Unicare Soft Nitrile Gloves - BLUE in Colour.
(Previously Indigo Pearl)

Boxes of 200, also available in a case of 10 boxes.

- Provides improved resistance to snagging and scuffs while offering maximum dexterity
- Comfortable and easy to wear
- Textured surface offers a more secure grip, especially when working in wet or oily conditions
- Chemical resistant
- Meets medical standard for holes
- Suitable for those with latex allergies (type 1 sensitisation)
- Minimises particulate contamination
- Full palm and finger texture
- Lighter weight and dexterous

These Unicare Soft Blue Nitrile gloves are ideal for those with latex allergies. Produced specially for the tattoo industry, these gloves are ideal for use in the studio and are a premium quality product. They are constructed from a hard wearing material which helps to provide exceptional resistance from cuts, tears and abrasions. These gloves are also powder free to minimise the risk of contamination as well potential allergic reactions from either you or the client.

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