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The latest In Bloom competition created quite a buzz on social media, and we were delighted to announce the winner last week. 

Working alongside In Bloom Premium Cosmetics, we offered the chance to win an In Bloom Zen Pen and selection of In Bloom Cartridges worth over £250!

The lucky winner Tricia Cumisky has over three years’ experience in all aspects of permanent make up, specializing in cosmetic eyebrow enhancements. Tricia is based at Boss Brows Ltd in Horwich, Bolton.

After receiving the prize and using it on clients, Tricia was kind enough to give us some feedback on the In Bloom Zen Pen and In Bloom Cartridges

“I must say it's brilliant! Very well made and feels like a much more expensive machine. I have several machines ranging from very inexpensive ones right up to machines you would pay £3000 for, I have my current favorites that are the Xion S and the Cheyenne hawk pen and the Zen pen has a very similar feel to both of them…

The vibration is minimal, and it's quiet, the grip is comfortable and it's lightweight and has the perfect 'hit' for eyebrow work, so considering the price difference of the Zen pen to the hawk and Xion you would not notice a difference in its performance or quality of the build.. All in all, it’s a great machine at an even better price...

I also used a 7soft mag from the In Bloom carts sent with the machine, these also feel well made, nice and sharp and of good quality... Thank you so much, I look forward to using this machine again over the next few weeks.”


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